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This website is intended to serve three main purposes. First, I want to explain in more detail my plan for improving school funding in Washington State. In particular, I want to explain how school funding relates to other important issues such as restoring our economy, solving the health care crisis and solving environmental challenges. Second, I want to offer you a chance to read materials on Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Skills I developed during my 20 years of teaching courses on these topics at Bellevue College. Many former students have asked for a way to share this information with their friends and now you can download it directly from this site. We are employing many of these team building and problem solving steps to solve the school funding problem described above. Finally, many of my former students have also asked me for copies of my outdoor course notebooks I wrote while at Bellevue Community College. In particular, my articles on structured decision making and avalanche avoidance skills have been translated into several different languages and posted on dozens of outdoor websites all over the world. Now you will be able to download many of these articles directly from this website. For more information, see my other websites:

My campaign website for the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction explaining in detail my program for restoring school funding, rebuilding our economy and reducing corporate corruption of our Democracy. 

Articles on the danger of toxic high stakes tests, high class sizes, charter schools and other privatization attacks on our public schools.

A complete book about how billionaires and wealthy corporatizations are using a series of lies in an attempt to take over and destroy our public schools.

Described how creation of a public bank in Washington State could create thousands of jobs and save tax payers billions of dollars.

this is a link to all of our online educational courses.

If you have any questions or comments on any of the above topics, feel free to email me springforschools (at) gmail.com

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David Spring M. Ed.