A few months ago, our State Senator from here in Shoreline, Maralyn Chase, sponsored a universal health care bill for Washington state. (Senate Bill 5957). This bill, if passed, would cut health care costs in half for all Washington residents – saving families more than $9 billion per year - thereby stimulating economic growth by putting billions of dollars back in our pockets to spend at local businesses.

Naturally, greedy for-profit health care lobbyists do not want to end their gravy train. This is why they threw money into the campaign coffers of Senator Chase’s primary opponents. If you want to see free universal health care here in Washington state, you should find your primary ballot and vote for Maralyn Chase for State Senate and Chris Roberts for State Representative. Maralyn and Chris are both strong supporters of universal health care while their opponents are not.

It is time for our state to join the rest of the civilized world by offering free health care for all. You can help make this happen by voting for Maralyn Chase and Chris Roberts. You’ll need to act fast. You only have until Tuesday August 7th to mail in your ballot.


David Spring M. Ed.