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August 2nd Primary Request for Bernie Supporters


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I am David Spring. As many of you know, I run the website Washington for Bernie Sanders dot com. More than 50,000 Bernie supporters have read my article about how to become a delegate for Bernie. I am also on the board of the Washington State Progressive Caucus. What you may not know is that I am currently running for Superintendent of Public Instruction with a plan to fully fund our schools and offer every student in Washington state free higher education by asking our Supreme Court to declare billions in corporate welfare to be unconstitutional. I hope you will not only consider voting for me in the August 2 Primary - but also contact any other Bernie Supporters you may know and asking them to also consider voting for me. To learn more about my plan to fund our schools, visit our campaign website: https://springforbetterschools.org/

As half of our schools in Washington state do not meet either the health code standards or the earthquake standards, I also want to build hundreds of new schools. This will require creating a public bank in Washington state much like the Public Bank of North Dakota. I therefore am also hoping you will vote for John Comerford, a candidate for State Treasurer who understands the need for and supports the creation of public bank here in Washington state. He is a link to his campaign website. http://www.johnpaul2016.com/

There are many other excellent Berniecrats running for office this year. So please read your primary ballot carefully! Thanks for supporting Bernie Sanders and thanks for voting in this all important August 2 Primary.


David Spring M. Ed.

Candidate for Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction

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